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Latin Dance


'Latin' Dance refers generally to 'Latin American' dances, but it has also has been known to include Flamenco which, though from Spain, is not native to any Latin American country.


True Latin Dances include: Son, Bolero, Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, Bomba, Plena, Salsa, Mambo, Cumbia, Merengue, Bachata, Samba, Gafiera, Lambada, Pagode, Tango, Milonga, and many more, but all are native to various Latin American and Caribbean countries.


Within the Ballroom Dancing arena there is a subsection known as Latin (aka Dance Sport). This subsection includes 5 dances, which funnily enough, though technically quite sublime, bears very little to no resemblance to the rhythms and dances from which it originally come from! To differentiate itself from the true Latin American dances, the Dance Sport industry coined the phrase 'Street Latin' to refer to those Latin dances not included in their own arena. Ballroom Latin Dances include: Rumba (most similar to the original Bolero), Samba (said to be the offspring of the Brazilian Samba, but no longer holding many perceivable ties), Cha Cha (A highly stylized form of the original Cha Cha Cha), Paso Doble (said to be from Spain, but there seems to be no evidence of any such dance in Spain) and Jive (an American dance, seemingly connected to Rock 'n Roll and Swing with no relation to Latin American dance or rhythms really).


All in all it appears that although the original intention appears to have been to popularize true Latin American dances; however,  over the years, the development of the extraordinary techniques that have taken Dance Sport to such competitive expertise has also resulted in a distinct separation from the original dances."  So, here at The Dance Chamber we embrace the true form of Latin Dancing and ensure to inspire your senses with original Latin dance moves!


Salsa Levels


This is a level for absolute beginners to Salsa dancing. You will be taught the fundamentals of the basic steps, rhythm and timing, the rudiments of leading and following and a few simple turn patterns to get you started. In this class we work to a set syllabus, which is specifically designed to equip you adequately for the next level. By the end of this syllabus, you should be capable of beginning to enjoy Salsa socially.  Students typically spend 4-6 sessions in this level.



This class progresses from Salsa 1, introducing more of the fundamental patterns and how to combine them effectively to improvise your social Salsa dancing. Again, in this class we work to a set syllabus, which is specifically designed to equip you adequately for the next

level. By the end of this course you are well on your way to being a part of Cyprus's Salsa dancing community! Students typically spend 4-6 sessions in this level.



As most of the fundamentals will be covered in Salsa 1 and 2, this level allows for variations and more complicated turn patterns to add to your repertoire. Besides the steps we give you, we also teach you how to make your own variations and combinations.  In addition to the repertoire, this class we will also introduce you to Salsa 'On 2'. After a few classes you should be able to dance quite proficiently On 1 or On 2!  This level is continuous – meaning that we will have new patterns, combinations and variations for you every week and you will likely be able to continue in this class for some time before exhausting our repertoire.


Ladies & Gents Styling

Once dancers have acquired the skills from the various levels, they may advance to specific dance styling, such as our Ladies & Gents Salsa Styling.

NB: At The Dance Chamber you do not need a dance partner; you may enjoy the same learning benefits with or without a partner!



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