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Yoga & Pilates

Pilates is founded by the German born Joseph Pilates.  Pilates has been around for a century, but has gained attention only in the past 12 years.  This interest has been elevated by celebrities like Melanie Griffiths, Madonna  and Sophie Dahl as they began to share their experience with this holistic form of exercise. Pilates has something to offer everyone, of any age or fitness level. Although one will gain strength in the whole body, one of the main benefits of Pilates is core strength.


Yoga began over 5000BC in India. Yoga came from the Rishis (forest dweller). The Rishis were very dedicated to discovering their true essence.  Since the birth of Yoga, many different styles have surfaced like Bhakti, Jnana, Raja, Bikram, Kripalu, Power, Patanjali and more.  Regardless of which type of Yoga one ends up doing, they all lead to increasing one's wellbeing.

Benefits of Yoga & Pilates

Both Yoga and Pilates gained their fame for being ideal for relieving stress; correcting alignment; preventing injury and illness; balancing the mind and soul with the environment; increasing flexibility, strength, and stamina; building courage and confidence; control of self; discipline; self awareness, gaining one's centre enlightenment.