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Ms. Maha Rouabhia,

I.D.T.A.  Latin  Ballroom  , ISTD  Empirical Ballet (DD), R.A.D. Ballet (INT), Pilates Coach, Yoga,  Zumba Fitness, B1, B2, Zumba Kids, Port De Bras, BA English Literature, Cert Marketing, Cert Management

Instructor of Ballet,  Latin, Salsa, Yoga,, Pilates, Belly Dance, Hip Hop &  Zumba

Maha is the founder and creative director of the Dance Chamber. She opened her  first studio in 2005, then a second branch of the Dance Chamber in 2011.  Maha is Canadian by nationality wtih middle eastern and north African roots. Growing up in an Arabic family that opportuned occasions of Belly Dancing during gatherings spurred her desire to transfer this passion for Belly Dancing to others which later mushroomed into other dance style passions over the years.  Her other passion, Latin dancing, came to rise in 1997.  She performed in several shows and guided the instruction of dancers from 2001 to present. Maha’  has  extensive diverse dance training background which  include Ballet, Ballet Jazz, Flamenco, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Latin Ballroom dancing. Her diverse background in dance gives her students an extra edge of expertise due to her important understanding that “a good dancer is a well rounded dancer.”  Maha has additional training in Pilates, which is essential for her dancers and customers seeking fitness in their core, Yoga,  &  Zumba Fitness for all levels and ages.  Maha has made several appearances on T.V. and the Cinema in Canada, U.S, and Cyprus, and has been invited to perform & choreograph for the Cyprus Presidential Palace. Maha holds degrees in Marketing & Management and English Literature from McGill University and Concordia University in Canada.  Maha is fluent in 5 languages (English, Arabic, French, Spanish and Greek). Maha lived in Syria, Algeria, U.S.A, and Canada these countries gave her access to a myriad of dance styles and skills.  The halmark of Maha’s teaching is genuine attention & care. She carefully selects members of her staff that live by the same standards & code of conduct towards all her students.  Maha searches relentlessly for opportunities that will develop her craft through seminars and private coaching. 

Today Maha lives with her husband and three daughters in Cyprus.  She continues to work on developing students dancing skills, preparing students for exams and auditions, and choreographing dances for live performances, and wedding couples while also contributing to local community through charitable work.